Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Nicene Creed (Rhyming Version)

 I am not really a poet, but the short rhyme below was inspired by three things:
1.  Discussion in our Christian Education class regarding the early creeds.  Nadine and I have been enjoying studying early church history with Gord Heath at our church's evening classes.
2.  A talk by Steven Lawson on the preaching of George Whitefield, particularly his sermon based on Matthew 22 entitled "What Think Ye of Christ?" (well worth listening to. 
3. 2 Timothy 2:1 - "You then my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus."
As can be seen it is just a rhyming version of the Christological portion of the Nicene Creed (325).  There is so much mystery and deep truth to contemplate regarding the incarnation.  Hopefully some people will enjoy reading this and be blessed by thinking about Christ.

The Nicene Creed (Rhyming Version)

Son of God, Jesus Christ
God from God, Light from Light
With the Father, being one
Begotten before time.

By his power all things were made
For salvation, from heaven he came
For our sake was crucified
Suffering agony, he died.

Buried but, as was foretold
Death, our Saviour, could not hold
The third day he rose again
Ascended to the Father's right hand.

In glory he will soon arrive
To judge those dead and those alive
In mighty power the world he'll mend
His Kingdom, it shall have no end.



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I like it. :)

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