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The Bible in 300 Words...

The Bible in 300 Words

Was inspired by this post on The Gospel Coalition, the story of the Bible summarized in 300 words. I decided to try creating my own summary...  it went a little over, but I decided to leave it as is, enjoy!


God creates the universe out of nothing; mankind is made in God’s image and placed on earth to be God’s representative, ruling over the creation with faithful-love and justice.
Mankind spurns role as God’s representative, decides to live autonomously, result is man’s willful separation from God, sin enters the world.
Sin becomes so pervasive that God destroys the world through a flood.  Noah and his family are saved and make a new start, but mankind continues in sin.
God calls Abraham.  Abraham believes God and does what is asked.  God makes a covenant with Abraham, swearing by Himself that from Abraham he will make a great nation.
Abraham’s descendents (Israel) become enslaved in Egypt.  God raises up the prophet Moses and through mighty acts delivers Israel from oppression.
God leads Israel to Sinai, where he reveals Himself and enters into covenant with them.  He gives Israel the Law by which they are to live in the Promised Land where they are to act as his representatives. 
Israel instead does evil and comes into judgement.  God raises up a great King (David) to deliver Israel from their enemies; they enjoy peace and prosperity for a time,  Israel’s heart is bent toward evil. Israel forsakes God’s law and does detestable things; their kings forget God.  Judgement comes to Israel, the land is plundered; they are exiled.
Amidst judgement, God’s prophets promise return.  They tell of a new covenant through which God will himself provide the power needed to fulfill their role. Israel returns, but suffers turmoil, God’s prophets fall silent, waiting.
In the fullness of time JESUS comes.
Jesus fulfils mankind’s true role, acts as the true Israel, and becomes the ultimate Davidic King.  In his death he bears the burden of God’s wrath against sinful mankind who have turned from him.  In his resurrection he brings new life to those who put their faith in Him.  God enacts a new covenant; those made clean through Jesus blood are brought near to God and given a new heart.
Anyone trusting in Jesus is empowered by God to fulfill their true purpose to act as his earthly representative. We can now display God’s faithful love and justice to the world.  Those who trust in Christ enter into the Kingdom of God and usher in the present church age in which the elect spread God’s love and message of salvation through Christ to all people.  Once this task is completed Jesus will return as judge, assume his Kingly role, and create a new heaven and new earth in which righteousness dwells.

What will you do with Jesus? Trust him today to save yourself from God’s wrath.  Your willful disobedience of God and your desire to live apart from him and his purposes separates you from the ultimate source of life and love.  As a result of your sin God is storing up wrath for you at the day of judgement.  The remedy for our sin is Jesus, if you by faith believe in his sacrificial death and resurrection and you will be born again into an eternal living hope. 
Repent and believe the good news.

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